Trip to Googleplex

Helloe folks! Did I tell you about my Google Code-in achievement? As a part of the prize, I also got a chance to visit the Googleplex in Mountain View, California! Yay! And I was there from June 5th to 11th and had loads of fun touring the Googleplex, talking to Googlers, getting Google Goodies including the Bugdroid, buying Google Schwag and what not. 😀

Google Code-in Flier

The trip to Google was one of the most memorable and happiest moments of my life. I got to meet all the intelligent high-school coders from around the world, meet all the amazing Googlers and learn from them, receive a beautiful (but heavy :P) trophy, have a lunch at Charlie’s Cafe at Google HQ, hack around the Google buildings, clicking pictures in photography-prohibited areas (well, kidding ;)), getting the Google Goodies (which included bottles, chocolates, pens, notebooks, books, stickers, big android plushie aka bugdroid, souvenirs, shirts, jackets and a blanket), buying Google Schwag (mouse, torch, key chain, USB port hub and other geeky stuff), having wonderful dinners at restaurants, touring the California Academy of Sciences and riding those cool Segways. It all amounted to be a whole ton of fun and enjoyment, but wouldn’t of course not have been possible without the efforts and hard work of Carol, Cat, Stephanie and the whole Google team, to which I salute!

A picture says a thousand words and, I have 100 pictures uploaded on Picasa. That amounts to 100,000 words! OMG! Here they are!