HackMIT 2014

Highlights Met Alexis Ohanian (again) and Stephen Wolfram! Hack: Yo to your coffee machine to start brewing your coffee, and receive a Yo back when it’s done. Hosted by Pi Lambda Phi for a night. “What exactly are you going to hack into?” — Immigration officer

YHack 2014 (Yale)

Highlights Beautiful university. Met Betsy, a humble person and a student at Yale who showed us around and was really helpful! Hard to find people like her. Met Edric Tam, a student at John Hopkins. Dare to beat his intelligence. Slept in a Yale residence lounge. Read up on Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately couldn’t come […]

Trip to Googleplex

Helloe folks! Did I tell you about my Google Code-in achievement? As a part of the prize, I also got a chance to visit the Googleplex in Mountain View, California! Yay! And I was there from June 5th to 11th and had loads of fun touring the Googleplex, talking to Googlers, getting Google Goodies including […]