Talk on Google’s Material Design

Google’s material design is a visual language that synthesizes classic principles of good design and unifies experience across platforms and device sizes. I recently gave a talk on an overview of material design. Here is the slide deck.

Manage your Android and iOS Apps Translations using GlotPress

You are a mobile developer with an app on the store, serving thousands of people in different languages. But localizing the app — back and forth with your in-house translators every time you release a build — is a pain. Here is how to fix that, with a relatively undocumented yet open source software called GlotPress.

Bitcoin Reading List

Wondered where to start reading about Bitcoins? This reading list just assumes you’ve heard about the concept, want to learn about it in-depth, and are willing to invest the required amount of time at a fair pace.


Time flies in University. It’s the end of my first semester at Waterloo and I can’t believe it’s already done!

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HackMIT 2014

Highlights Met Alexis Ohanian (again) and Stephen Wolfram! Hack: Yo to your coffee machine to start brewing your coffee, and receive a Yo back when it’s done. Hosted by Pi Lambda Phi for a night. “What exactly are you going to hack into?” — Immigration officer

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YHack 2014 (Yale)

Highlights Beautiful university. Met Betsy, a humble person and a student at Yale who showed us around and was really helpful! Hard to find people like her. Met Edric Tam, a student at John Hopkins. Dare to beat his intelligence. Slept in a Yale residence lounge. Read up on Bitcoins and cryptocurrencies. Unfortunately couldn’t come… Continue reading YHack 2014 (Yale)

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To The Third And Beyond

I think it was a Sunday, year 2005 – when I was in the third grade. My dad woke up my brother and me to share the news that a driver from India, for the first time, would be participating in a Formula 1 race and that the race was just about to start. Never… Continue reading To The Third And Beyond

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