Bitcoin Reading List

Wondered where to start reading about Bitcoins? This reading list just assumes you’ve heard about the concept, want to learn about it in-depth, and are willing to invest the required amount of time at a fair pace.

  1. Quick intro in this presentation.
  2. “How does it work?” Nothing better than to read the official paper.
  3. Optional: Didn’t understand some things? Read the annotated paper.
  4. At this point, subscribe to CoinDesk and start following /r/Bitcoin.
  5. Buy some. Buying and using for beginners.
  6. Side: “Will this ever work?” Maybe “How did cash come into being?” will answer this better. Read this article by Nick Szabo, one of the key people in the field.
  7. Wait, there are other cryptocurrencies too.
  8. The Computer Science of Crypto-Currency
  9. List in progress…

Updated: 11 May 2015

Further Reading Lists

Kudos to Joe, Dominik and David on getting me started! The list is pre-dominantly based on their input.