Technothlon 2011 Question Papers

I participated in Technothlon yesterday and the questions were amazing, the marking scheme too. Never thought of using Euler’s equation in such a way! For those who weren’t able to participate or their partners took the question papers, I have uploaded a scanned copy of it. It contains some signs, answers, wrong answers, drawings etc. made by us, please ignore that. 🙂


You can view it below or download the PDF (2.1 mb, water-marked).

Hauts (Senior)

You can view it below or download the PDF (2.7 mb, water-marked).


  1. I’m really turmoiled. Can anyone provide me the answers of these questions. Because it’s too hard.

  2. The other day I was just going through some of the sample papers… the questions over there are just amazing! It’s too much and interesting and fun to solve. Good job IITians… 🙂

  3. Love it…
    At last I found an examination which is different from bookish things..

    Good work IITians!

  4. Hmm. The question paper is soo interesting and soo good. It’s a good challenge for IIT students.

  5. Excellent! The questions were very amazing and based on the mental power but too tough.

  6. am too taking part in technothlon 2013…..nd this year m gonna make it, last year was way too tough nd now the stakes are too high……..

  7. the question paper was very interesting . I have. a great fun in solving them. may this time questions harder.

  8. The question paper is mindblowing but what are the answers? Any way I can get the answer for these questions?

  9. If anyone of you can give me the answers of the junior group questions, I would be really very thankful!

  10. Awesome paper..really mind boggling question …I didn’t understand the celebrating innovation unit

  11. I am gonna take part this Sunday (19 July,2015)?..hope everything goes well?…I found the sample question paper to be interesting as well as helpful,..good job ???

  12. really creative marking scheme . just blown my mind man. wow!!!!
    I never thought that technothlon will be this much great . I salute you 🙂

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