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Easy Mentions v0.2 Plugin for bbPress!

Today I am releasing a new plugin for bbPress named Easy Mentions. The plugin allows the users to link to other users’ profiles in posts by using @username. In simple words, it is like twitter.

To check it, just make a new post, write the content with a @username (could be any username) in the text. When you submit the post, the plugin will automatically link the usernames (which exist) to their profile. Note that the plugin doesn’t link the usernames with spaces.

The plugin can also add a Reply link below each post and when clicked, adds @username with the post link in the post text box. This could be enabled via the settings page, but before that please see #1 question in the FAQ.


Easy Mentions Plugin in Action!

Easy Mentions Plugin in Action!

Settings Page of Easy Mentions Plugin

Settings Page of Easy Mentions Plugin

Update (9-2-2010): Easy Mentions Plugin v0.2 has been released with the following changes:

  • Now the plugin can also link tags (use #tag)
  • Added option to let the user to choose whether to link tags/users or not
  • Added option to choose reply format
  • Removed the Javascript file for public section, hard-coded the reply values
  • Removed the use of jQuery from public section
  • Updated Hindi Translation
  • Updated Screenshots


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  1. I like your plugin! It is exactly what I am looking for. One little thing: It would be cool, if mentioned users could be notified by email. Is that possible?