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A University of Waterloo undergraduate student studying Software Engineering. Obsessed with building products. Anything related to technology interests me, whether it be artificial intelligence or open source projects or even creating a small bot. You can contact me here.

’11 | Grade X | Sixteen




I was re-introduced to WordPress. This time it was OrkutPlus.net for which I made Orkut bots and toolkits (not live anymore). The bots were written in Visual Basic and then the Orkut world shifted to PHP, as a server in the US would have a faster internet speed than a generic broadband connection, and thus execute commands faster. I have almost forgotten Visual Basic (dim?), but I still program in PHP. OrkutPlus needed forums, so we settled with bbPress. I tried porting a social bookmarking plugin named SexyBookmarks to bbPress and released it as Social It in 2009. I joined the original SexyBookmarks project, and when we reached by Shareaholic.


We shifted to Gurgaon and I enrolled in Amity International School, Sector 46. I started taking part in cyber/tech-related olympiads that were held in my school.

I started a hacking community named Hacking D Worldd… (case, spell and dot-sensitive) on Orkut. I remember doing every possible thing on the internet for that community. And that’s one of the reasons that I tend to keep security issues in mind while writing code.

I was re-introduced to WordPress when I was blogging for a friend. I saw the administration interface and remembered that I’ve seen something like that. I saw that it is powered by WordPress — I didn’t know that you could actually have a site that is powered by WordPress and hosted on your own servers. The blog’s life ended soon.


The first time I won a programming competition — the programming language being Logo. I teamed up with Shobhan, one of my friends for life — he still sends me a birthday gift every year, no matter where I am!


I started my first blog livetech.wordpress.com (on WordPress!). I didn’t know the plagiarism laws and I generally used to copy paste the content from other blogs. Soon enough I got bored and deleted the blog. Until now I had been getting various prizes in group singing, calligraphy, art, etc (things at which I’m not good now). I also used to read various Roald Dahl books.

’02 | Grade I

I got to know about email and asked my dad to set up an email account for me one night. My first email id was on Hotmail and my father narrated me the story of how the guy who started Hotmail got rich by Microsoft acquiring his service for around $40 per user (as he used to narrate it). When he was off to office the next morning, I opened up the computer, figured out what was sign in, sign up (I don’t know why we don’t call it register), compose mail (didn’t know the meaning of the word compose, found out when I actually clicked it and saw some textboxes including cc and bcc). I soon switched over to Yahoo! mail and used to hang out in Y! Messenger chat rooms. At that time we used to have a dialup connection.


2000 was probably the year when I had my first real encounter with computers when my dad brought it into our house. I have distinct memories of playing games off floppies and CDs like RoadRash, Duke Nukem, Claw, Mario, and Midtown Madness. I would spend hours designing pixel-perfect sceneries in MS Paint and trying out the software that came in the CD with the monthly magazine. I was very curious to find new things on the internet, have a presence online where people could reach out to me and had the urge to make the computer do what I wanted it to.

I was enrolled into Bal Bharati Public School, Pitam Pura (274/00/V). I’ve lots of good memories of the place that I’ll cherish for life!


My parents tell me that I got a prize in a drag and drop competition. I really don’t remember doing that though — I don’t even remember more than ten days of the two years I went to Mother’s Pride, a playschool for kids.


20 October: Initial commit.

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  1. Hey Gautam
    Best of luck and good you have portfolio website now. I have seen your work and IMHO people have all the reason to hire you.
    Best of luck with all new ventures..

  2. Hi Gautam, I am really impressed to see your blog site.
    Wish you and your web site a grand success.

  3. Hello Gautam,
    I saw your comment on TechCrunch, and came to see your website. Good going, and All the Best!
    Are you on Facebook? If so it would be good to connect.

  4. Hi, got you from intenseDebate plugin on WP site.
    Nice that you develop and contribute to open source community

  5. Hey Gautam! Accidentally landed upon your site and then remembered that I read about you on Devil’s Workshop but didn’t know about the awesome work you have done for WP and bbPress.

    Good going bro. Wish you a good luck! 🙂 Keep rocking!

    • Hey, thanks man! The awesome thing, mentioned on DW, I did was to win Google Code-in ’10. 😉

  6. Congrats Gautam .. It was nice reading about your and i am proud i was with you among one of the old group OUG 🙂

    All the best for your future 🙂

  7. Dude you are going great ! Wish i could grow that fast ! anyways will try to have a techie kiddo lyke u:)
    All the best for great future ahead man!

  8. Many beginners are inpired by you like me, so keep up you work and update you bio to inspire more! 🙂

  9. Hi Gautam,

    I got to know about you on GSFIndia.com. You have great future friend 🙂 good to see such talented chaps in india. Well Gautam, I am passionate about entrepreneurship and currently working on my startup and looking for technical co-founder. I need a guy with the qualities which you have.

  10. Really dig your design here Gautam! How have you been so strong in coding? And, do you recommend setting up a bbPress forum or some other provider…?

  11. I saw you have developed an android OCR app using tesseract. I am now doing the same thing. I think you are brilliant at this young age.

  12. Cool Man!

    I’m really impressed after reading your Bio. Every teen should be greatly inspired by you. 🙂


  13. Very well done and its good to see you growing with such quality skills is something awesome… keep up the good and hard work