Integrating GlotPress User Tables With Another Software

I was actively working with LimeSurvey during Google Code-in ’11 and had promised them to integrate GlotPress with LimeSurvey (user tables) to help the translators and completed it some weeks back (though this was not the end result that they actually wanted, I’ll work on that later – thought I should write this before I forget the process myself – I know I have a short memory ;)). Continue reading

2011: A New Kind of Forum Software is Born

2011 has brought the creation of a new and creative bulletin board software with it – bbPress. It is one of the most simple and fast forum packages available out there. Until now there was a standalone version of it, but recently, efforts have been made to convert it into a WordPress plugin. Well, we can’t say convert because it is entirely written from scratch, we’re just duplicating the same functionality which you would have found in bbPress standalone, and adding some new bits which would make your forum look super cool! 😉 Continue reading

Releasing bb Mystique v1.0 – Mystique Theme for bbPress!

bb Mystique v1.0 Screenshot

You must have heard of the famous Mystique theme for WordPress, haven’t you? Well, I’ve ported it over to bbPress and it can be downloaded from here. As bbPress is not that much extensive as WordPress is (in features), there are some things which are missing from the port – like the widgetized sidebar, menus, thumbnails and some other small things. For the time being, there is no settings page – I’ll add one soon. Till then, you can edit the file settings.php located in the lib folder of the theme (from lines 11 to 20) for some basic settings.


  • bbPress 1.0+ (works best with bbPress 1.1+ – it hasn’t been released yet)


bb Mystique v1.0 Screenshot

bb Mystique (click to enlarge)


bb Mystique

bbPress as a WordPress Plugin

There have been developments in the bbPress Trac in recent days, the plugin branch is now there (but of course not ready for use). JJJ and PeteMall have been working on it. And what more, I received my first props for the plugin :P.

Another thing is that now I would be rarely updating/adding plugins for standalone version (v1.1 or below) as it would be waste of time, instead I would spend my time on improving the bbPress plugin (v1.2 and above).

There are also some heated discussions going on in the bbPress forums about having another name for the plugin or having its version number as 2.0.

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