I’ve travelled around the Sun 16 times now. This particular revolution saw me starting my first YouTube channel, working hard on Discover I, and speaking at a WordCamp.

What I was doing

  1. WordCamp Jabalpur 2011 – This has been one of the most awesome events that I’ve ever attended. I was invited as a speaker on bbPress. I met many amazing individuals with whom I had wanted to meet for so long.
  2. CyberFundu – A YouTube channel of various cyber-related videos, started with my schoolmates.

What I’ve been doing

  1. DatumDroid – An Android application that I’m developing for IITB’s TechFest Appsurd event.
  2. AIMUN – Preparing for Amity International Model United Nations, to be held in November.
  3. Discover I – As mentioned in a previous post, this is a project that I’m working on as a part of Youth Power.
  4. SpaceSet – A project in which we’ve to design a full Space settlement.
  5. School – CBSE’s CCE has really proven to be exhaustive, than stress relieving.

What I plan to do

  1. Google Code-in ’11: I plan to participate in this year’s Google Code-in and try to make it to the Google campus again!
  2. TCS IT Wiz: One of the competitions I really like to attend because of the energised atmosphere.
  3. Amity 46 MUN – Our school’s own MUN to be held in December.
  4. Learn Java, Python and C++.

I had also deactivated my Facebook account as that really used to eat up a lot of my time. I changed its password to something that I myself didn’t know. Tried to reactivate it today for my birthday via forgot password and it has asked me to wait for 24 hours – when all the fun would be over. When I have access to it again, I am probably going to delete it permanently.

Future Plans

In India and elsewhere, one really needs to study hard to get into a good university.  For that I would study more of Physics, Chemistry and Maths (subjects which I like the most) in the following two years. I would still like to continue with a project or two but not at my current pace. More things to follow as soon as they hit my mind. Just wanted to make sure that it’s published at 00:00 IST. 😛

Update: As Shobhan tells me, the moon has revolved around me 204 times.

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  1. happy birthday my dear friend
    i promise that i wont forget you till the end
    there will not be a galaxy tab 750 in the speed post that i will send

    Today is your birthday and thats all i have to say
    May you always be smiling and gay
    well dont read this in dismay

    By gay i meant happy
    but i wont gift you a nappy 😛
    Is this poem goin’ crappy?

    If it is then it must choke
    enjoy your birthday with cakes and coke
    to wish you birthday i just woke

    My friend just got 16 yrs old
    he has grown very mature and bold
    oops my bread has developed a mold

    happy birthday once again bro! 😉

  2. Happy birthday bro!
    It was nice meeting you. Sadly, we didn’t get much time to talk 🙁
    All the best for your ongoing and future projects..
    wishing you good luck… 🙂

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