Acquiring Customers and Marketing Your Startup

What is the foremost reason for a startup failure? No, it’s not being unable to understand the market right. It is having high costs of customer acquisition. So how to acquire customers in a cost-effective way and what digital marketing strategies to use? This is the question that is asked by all the startups all […]

Monetizing Your Product & Pricing Strategies

How can you monetize your product? What pricing options should you offer? Today’s talk addressed this aspect of an entrepreneur’s problems. We had Suresh V., EVP and Head of Sales of Naukri and Siddharth Puri, co-founder and business head of Tyroo to mentor the startups. If your product is first in the niche, either start […]

How to Pitch your Product?

How to pitch your product to the investors — this was the question answered by the leading personalities in the field — Alok Mittal from Canaan Partners and Mayank Khanduja from SAIF Partners in today’s session in Delhi. Before preparing a pitch, you need to ask yourself — what’s the traction that your product has got […]

Selecting the Right Technology and Building Scalable Apps

How can you select the technological frameworks you should use for something that you’re building? How can you scale something that you’re building? Today’s GSF Accelerator mentorship session focused on this issue. The contributing speakers were Ram Singla (Zomato), Gajinder Singh (PayU India) and Amit Sharma (Khojguru) and discussed on how a development cycle should look like. Research First […]