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Technothlon 2011 Question Papers

I participated in Technothlon yesterday and the questions were amazing, the marking scheme too. Never thought of using Euler’s equation in such a way! For those who weren’t able to participate or their partners took the question papers, I have uploaded a scanned copy of it. It contains some signs, answers, wrong answers, drawings etc. made by us, please ignore that. 🙂


You can view it below or download the PDF (2.1 mb, water-marked).

Hauts (Senior)

You can view it below or download the PDF (2.7 mb, water-marked).

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  1. The other day I was just going through some of the sample papers… the questions over there are just amazing! It’s too much and interesting and fun to solve. Good job IITians… 🙂

    • Ya or right and this question need lots of logic in my point of view

  2. am too taking part in technothlon 2013…..nd this year m gonna make it, last year was way too tough nd now the stakes are too high……..

  3. The question paper is mindblowing but what are the answers? Any way I can get the answer for these questions?

  4. I am gonna take part this Sunday (19 July,2015)?..hope everything goes well?…I found the sample question paper to be interesting as well as helpful,..good job ???

  5. really creative marking scheme . just blown my mind man. wow!!!!
    I never thought that technothlon will be this much great . I salute you 🙂