Releasing bb Mystique v1.0 – Mystique Theme for bbPress!

bb Mystique v1.0 Screenshot

You must have heard of the famous Mystique theme for WordPress, haven’t you? Well, I’ve ported it over to bbPress and it can be downloaded from here. As bbPress is not that much extensive as WordPress is (in features), there are some things which are missing from the port – like the widgetized sidebar, menus, thumbnails and some other small things. For the time being, there is no settings page – I’ll add one soon. Till then, you can edit the file settings.php located in the lib folder of the theme (from lines 11 to 20) for some basic settings.


  • bbPress 1.0+ (works best with bbPress 1.1+ – it hasn’t been released yet)


bb Mystique v1.0 Screenshot

bb Mystique (click to enlarge)


bb Mystique