A Keyboard with no Marks

I have been using computers since years and have developed a good typing speed on the QWERTY keyboard (~100wpm) without even looking at it (I’m not looking at it even at the very moment – in fact, I haven’t looked at it while writing the whole blog post). Then I thought of the idea of removing the markings on the keyboard altogether. The space bar has no markings, but you’re still able to use it. Why? Because you know it’s a space. There’s nothing on the trackpad, but you can still use it (think of Apple publishing all the multi-touch gestures on the trackpad, how untidy it would be). The bumps on the F & J keys on your keyboard are enough to guide your fingers on the whole keyboard. Continue reading


I was recently reading Steve Jobs’s biography by Walter Isaacson and I read that he had a music system in his whole house, and also used it as a microphone, to hear family’s discussions until his father discovered that and made him stop doing it. Now. You would have made the rest of the post by yourself, by reading that title and the first sentence — exactly that. When Siri wasn’t there, sound could be played on the stereos and sound could be heard from the stereos. But what if we have a helper connected to that speaker, who gets the input, performs some search and says back the results? What’s the time, Siri? Siri, how’s the weather today? Where can I get a cup of coffee Siri? Just from your desk, or while reading the newspaper, think about it!

ps. Doesn’t necessarily need to be Siri, but that’s an interesting piece of software.